Mezmoglobe Kinetic Desk Toy
Mezmoglobe Kinetic Desk Toy Mezmoglobe Kinetic Desk Toy Mezmoglobe Kinetic Desk Toy

MEZMOGLOBE - kinetic spinning desk toy

Mesmerizing desk toy designed with aerospace-grade aluminum that spins effortlessly on precision ball bearings, creating a 3D optical illusion with a continuous flow.

MEZMOCOIN - The pocket size kinetic desk toy

The pocket size version of our optical illusion desk toys. Precision machined in a size of a coin - it is the perfect way to bring the magic with you.

Phantom - Mesmerizing optical illusion desk toy

Precision machined desk toy that seemingly defies gravity by presenting a transparent optical illusion.

Mezmotop - frozen in time

Spinning top like no other, designed after a beautiful motion found in nature- the moment of a falling raindrop hitting the surface of water and creating ripples all around.

MEZMOGLOBE NANO - optical illusion kinetic desk toy

Precision machined geometric shapes that each present unique appearance ofoptical illusion. Simply rotate them to reveal the mind- bending effect 0-of a continuously flowing helixes.


Spinning desk toy that creates a mind-bending optical illusion of continuously flowing helix.


A carefully designed complex shape body that presents a truly mind bending optical illusion while spinning.  A simple twist will reveal surprising effects of flowing pixels and liquid-like movements.