Thank you for purchasing Mezmoglobe!

 Here you will find some useful information and instructions.

What's included in the package? 


Start with a fast spin

Each MEZMOGLOBE is tested and ready to use, although it may need a couple of spins to turn/work in the bearing and achieve the perfectly smooth rotation. First of all - start with a fast spin! We recommend to spin it clockwise and counterclockwise for a couple of times at a very fast pace and your MEZMOGLOBE will be good to go.


How long should MEZMOGLOBE spin?

Straight out of the box MEZMOGLOBE should spin up to 1 minute with a single rotation. If you want longer spinning times, you are welcome to check out our instruction video "How to clean MEZMOGLOBE bearing?" below.

1. How to access and remove the MEZMOGLOBE bearing?

If you ever need to clean, oil or change the bearing, this video will show you how to properly access, remove and place back the bearing.


2. How to clean the MEZMOGLOBE bearing?

MEZMOGLOBE bearing comes with a slight dose of protective oil inside. The oil makes the bearing super silent, but, it also prevents it from a super long rotation time. If you want to reach record spin times you can clean the bearing and achieve up to 5 minutes of rotation from a single spin. But keep in mind that dry bearing is always a bit louder than oiled one.

What will you need for this application:

This video will show you how to properly clean the bearing

The most important thing to keep in mind for proper cleaning result is to blow the air and rotate the bearing intensively while rinsing! If this step is missed the bearing will dry unevenly and will create a poor spinning result.