MEZMOGLOBE Dark Titanium Tone
MEZMOGLOBE Dark Titanium Tone
MEZMOGLOBE Dark Titanium Tone
MEZMOGLOBE Dark Titanium Tone
MEZMOGLOBE Dark Titanium Tone


MEZMOGLOBE Dark Titanium Tone

Our original kinetic desk toy is designed to bring a bit of magic and calmness to every desktop, shelf, workplace, or living space. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum it spins effortlessly on precision ball bearings, creating a full-body 360° optical illusion with a continuous flow.  Choose between 5 beautiful colors or collect them all and make your space even more unique.

  • Enjoy and relax with every spin
  • Let go of stress
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Keep your focus

With our CNC machines, we are able to achieve such a level of precision that is rarely found in regular everyday objects. You’ll instantly notice minutely milled lines and smooth surface texture upon touching Mezmoglobe for the first time! The final result is a machined masterpiece that you would enjoy using every day.



Simply spin it to reveal the magic. When revolving MEZMOGLOBE creates truly mesmerizing effect that looks like a continuously flowing helix would merge into the surface of a tabletop.

Designed to spin on any desk or flat surface. The solid spherical body and smooth finish make it very pleasant to interact with. It spins silently so you won't be bothering anyone around.

Built for creators, makers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination. Keep focus, relieve stress or simply relax during working hours or brainstorming sessions.

It is perfect for setting the mood in your workspace environment.


Patent Pending

Mindblowing Illusion

Great For Environment

Highest Grade Quality

The Perfect gift


No matter the age, MEZMOGLOBE® makes a truly great and original present that creates a bit of magic every time you interact with it. Each unit is crafted with attention to the smallest detail and built to last a lifetime.

Mezmoglobe® is made with aerospace-grade aluminum, with a helix-shaped groove milled alongside the whole surface.

With our CNC machines, we are able to achieve such level of precision that is rarely found in regular everyday objects. To finish it off, all Mezmoglobes® are carefully pieced together by the hands of experts.

The Mezmoglobe also comes with its own portable zippered storage case. The seemlessly effortless spins are sure to impress anybody.

We ship anywhere in the world.

  • • US orders take 5-12 business days.
  • • EU orders take 4-10 work days.
  • • The rest of the world takes 5-18 work days.

We ship by international post. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout. You will receive a tracking number for the delivery.

Mezmoglobe presents a real life 3D optical illusion, and it’s the perfect fit for any desk!

You can officially geek-out for our Mezmoglobe. As far as we're concerned, it's magic.

Simply place it wherever you feel fit, and spin away!

Mezmoglobe® is officially registered

Beneath is a leather layer that's safe on all surfaces, embossed with the MEZMOGLOBE® logo.

Each globe comes in a branded, portable zippered storage case.

We are the original creators of Mezmoglobe. Please avoid buying any copycats from anywhere else as the quality is nowhere near our original product. .

Mezmoglobe® spins silently so you won't be bothering anyone around

Every globe has a rotating base equipped with high-quality stainless steel bearing. It guarantees a smooth and silent spin as well as long-lasting.

The base is removable to easy access the bearing.


  • Precision Machined Aerospace-Grade Aluminium
  • Anodized, Scratch-Resistant Exterior
  • Diameter: 2.13” / 54mm
  • Weight: 6.0 oz. / 170g
  • Smooth-Spinning Stainless Steel Bearing by SKF
  • Removable Base to Access the bearing
  • Leather Layer That's Safe on Surfaces, Embossed with MEZMOGLOBE Logo
  • Includes Portable Zippered Storage Case


Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Anthony DODU
Smaller and less smooth than you think…

Great accessory on desk for astonish your friend but too small (likely a big golf ball) to be unavoidable and not smooth enough to be recreational… But it rest a good idea !👍

Michael Stitzel

I just wanted to let you know, I received the gift you sent (a while ago, sorry, its been crazy busy here)! Thank you so very much! I love it and am happy to add it to my collection!

And…I have received my mini switch pen as well! Again, as usual, the quality is superb! I just love the satisfying metallic sound when opening and and the click when placing the top in place! I love the feel and weight of the the pen. As with all your projects, I am deeply satisfied and grateful for your quality.

Here is my updated picture with my entire collection! :) If you ever get your online store going, let me know. I am interesting in purchasing the remainder of the projects that I never had the chance to back! :)

Thanks again! I look forward to your next project!


Meryl Hechtman
Disappointed Kickstarter Backer

Disappointed in the company. Was pleased with/amused by MEZMOGLOBE purchased a couple of months ago, so became backer for the MEZMOGLOBE Luna on Kickstarter, due for delivery by April. Is the last day of April and have not received Luna or communication in response to messages to MEZMOGLOBE re the status. Very disappointing.

Not worth the money

Wish I hadn’t bothered. Arrived over a month after I ordered and was simply not that impressive. It now sits on the desk in its case, a reminder of my frivolous impulse purchase based on others’ inflated reviews. Trust your gut.

Lee Kilroy

One was good, the other one not as much. I'm referring to the spinning aspect. I would have liked to have given both as gifts but I couldn't reconcile that the second recipient would feel as though they got short changed by having gotten the lesser one.