Mezmoglobe Liquid Instructions

Thank you for purchasing Mezmoglobe LIQUID!


 Here you will find some very useful information and instructions.

What's included in the package? 


Start with a fast spin

First of all - start with a fast spin!  At the beginning we recommend to spin it clockwise and counterclockwise for about 10-20 times at rather fast pace to smoothen in the bearing. Each MEZMOGLOBE is tested and ready to use, although it may need a couple of spins to work in the bearing and achieve the perfectly smooth rotation. After that your MEZMOGLOBE LIQUID should be good to go!

IMPORTANT!!! Please be careful with spinning the Liquid too fast. The eccentrical shape is a bit more sensitive to super fast rotation so it could flip over. We recommend to practice a bit with a slower speeds- feel it out and slowly find your best way to rotate them faster. 

How long should MEZMOGLOBE LIQUID spin?

Straight out of the box LIQUID STANDARD size should spin from 60-120 seconds with a single rotation.

LIQUID NANO size should spin up to 60 seconds with a single rotation. Those smaller bearings inside NANO size Liquid are pretty sensitive parts so they might vary in the free rotation times.

What is the tiny metal screw for?

It is meant to access the bearing by screwing it in the threaded hole found in the rotating bottom. The full video on how to access the bearing can be found lower on this page.

What is the two silver stickers for?

They are meant to cover the hole in the rotating bottom if you decide you will not need to access the bearing anytime soon. We included two for more replacements but if you need more you are always welcome to reach out to us;)


 About bearings, rotation time and noise levels

The LIQUID STANDARD size has bigger bearings and they are heavier themselves so they spin slightly longer and are less sensitive.

Since LIQUID NANO is smaller and more light weight it has less momentum of inertia. Therefore we needed to choose dry and very small bearing to keep it spin long enough. 

Bearing is a very specific part. Dry bearing always spins longer but usually it is a bit louder, oiled bearing is silent but spins significantly less.  Bearings are precisely manufactured parts but there are still some slight shifts in tolerances which makes the noise level and rotation times vary to one from another.

Too noisy for your taste?

Even if we test every single unit and make sure them to be as quite as possible we understand that everyone has a different sense for the noise levels. Therefore we made the bearing easily accessible and interchangeable so everyone could oil it, clean it or experiment with different types of bearings (like ceramic, stainless, etc.). The video below will show you exactly how to access the bearing. 


P.S. If you decide to oil the bearing but you aren't satisfied with the rotation time you can always clean that oil out and restart with a completely dry bearing.

I would like a longer spin time

1. The first thing we could suggest is to remove the bearing and simply flip it around- many times one side is much better spinning than the other one.

2. If that does not help you could also clean the bearing following the ''Cleaning'' video we have attached below. 

3. If you still think the spinning time is not appropriate you can simply write us an email and we could give some additional advice to solve the issue;)

We hope you found this interesting and got a bit more insight in the process of creating the Mezmoglobe. We are really passionate about designing all kinds of desk toys but there are always a hidden challenges especially when it comes to bulk manufacturing.

Troubleshooting- if spinning time is very low out of the box (than a 15 seconds with a strong spin)

There always could be some rare defected units that sipped through quality check or simply the bearing is defected and it starts to show it after standing during the shipping time. In this case first first thing we could suggest is to remove the bearing and simply flip it around- many times one side is much better spinning than the other one. If that does not help please reach us out to and we will take care of the problem;)

 How to access and remove the MEZMOGLOBE LIQUID bearing?

If you ever need to clean, oil or change the bearing, the videos below will show you how to properly access, remove and place back the bearing. The first video demonstrates the Liquid STANDARD size bearing removal the second video applies to the NANO size bearing removal.


2. How to clean the MEZMOGLOBE bearing?

Cleaning the bearing could help to remove excessive noise and significantly increase the rotation time if there is some tiny dirt inside the bearing. Or it will simply refresh the smooth rotation if you feel that the bearing starts to perform weaker. You can clean the bearing and achieve up to 3 minutes of rotation from a single spin

Also if you previously decided to oil the bearing but you aren't satisfied with the rotation time you can always clean that oil out and restart with a completely dry bearing.

PLEASE NOTE: Cleaning is a pretty advanced process so we wouldn't suggest to perform it unless really necessary. 

What will you need for this application:

The video below will show you how to properly clean the bearings. It applies to both NANO size bearings and STANDARD size bearings.

IMPORTANT!!! The most important thing to keep in mind for proper cleaning result is to blow the air and rotate the bearing intensively while rinsing! If this step is missed the bearing will dry unevenly and will create a poor spinning result. We would suggest doing the whole rinsing process at least three times to make sure no oil particles are left in the bearing!!!

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly to email if you have any more additional questions!