miniMEZMO Instructions

Thank you for purchasing one of our Spinning Toys Please follow the instructions to get the best experience when using our coins.

-   1.What is included with miniMEZMO?

If you ordered miniMEZMO spinning top it will come with the Stainless Steel Connector part and Carabiner ring included in the box.

Separately you shall be able to order a glass spinning base and/or magnetic stand.

2. How to properly start using miniMEZMO? 

For safety purposes we made the connection between miniMEZMO top and connector part slightly stronger. Please watch the video below to see the easiest way on how to pull off the connector part after unboxing.


1. Attach the carabiner ring to get more pulling strength 

2. The connection will wear in and become smoother after few times

3. Now watch the video ;)


3. How to adjust the connection to make it more loose? 

If you feel like the connection strength is too strong for your needs you will easily be able to make it looser. See the video below:


4. How to make the connection stronger? 

If you feel like the connection strength is too loose for your needs you will easily be able to make it stronger as well. See the video below:





If you ordered Mezmocoin Phantom below are the items included in the box.



If you ordered Mezmocoin Galactic below are the items included in the box.

      2. How to properly spin MEZMOCOIN!         

All the tips below apply to all our MEZMOCOIN editions since they all require similar usage.

IMPORTANT!!! When you spin any of the Mezmocoins (Classic, Phantom, Galactic, or Nano) for the first time we recommend to practice on the floor or create simple walls/borders on your desk to prevent from falling from heights until you learn to control the spin! This is especially recommended when learning to use the spinning launcher!!!

  • Spinning with hand

Use your thumb and middle finger (or index finger) to spin MEZMOCOIN. It is super simple, though we have noticed that few people had some troubles to get it evenly balanced at the very beginning. So please follow our few tips below:

  Tip1. Level the coin before spinning!   Make sure both fingers are holding the coin in about the same distance from the table.

 Tip2. Spin counter clockwise if using right hand and clockwise if using left hand.   You can spin differently if more convenient for you but we have noticed that this way fits most people. 

 Tip3Practice, practice, practice!   Yeah, that easy:) The more you practice the smoother and longer rotations you will achieve. 

  • Spinning with launcher

The launcher will help to achieve the super fast and long rotation. It will require some practice to make a steady controlled spin and wrap the rubber string properly! Though be sure that it will be worth it;) So please follow the instruction video below to learn how it is properly done.


The same launching principles shown in the video above apply to MEZMOCOIN GALACTIC and other Mezmocoins as well.


      3.Glass Surfaces = Record Spinning Times     

Our record is around 14:00 minutes rotation! The rotation time and smoothness really depends on the surface you are spinning on. For the best results and spinning records we recommend to use glass surface, especially the slightly concave ones. The very best option would be to get one of the glass rotation stands built specially for spinning tops. Those are widely available from various brands online. 

A simpler solution would be to use a magnifying cosmetic mirror available in any household shop. Combined with the launcher it should get you over 13 minutes rotation time. Below you can check out a full rotation video of Phantom:

Share your records:) We can't wait to see what spinning times you will achieve and hopefully someone will beat our 14 min. record!! Also, by sharing your results you will encourage others to get better as well. We really look forward to your feedback soon!!!


              3.Magnetic Stand               

We have designed a special desktop stand- it has magnet pressed in so Mezmocoin stays securely in the place. You will be able to spin it, fidget and play around while it is attached on the stand.

Can I spin Mezmocoin with the launcher on the stand?

Well, it is possible but we would not recommend to try it at the very beginning. Only if you have practiced spinning with a launcher for a while and you can achieve a steady launch every time.

  1. IMPORTANT!!! We wouldn’t recommend to do it very often to not damage the magnet inserted in the stand.
  2. The stand should be attached to the table with silicone sticker (included in the case).


        3.Reusable Silicone Sticker        

The stand comes with a reusable silicone sticker that prevents the stand from moving if necessary.

The sticker is adhesive from both sides so you can attach it to the bottom of the stand and then attach the stand at any place on your desk. The sticker is reusable and the adhesive strength is light so you can easily detach the stand and put it on another place on your desk. Please follow the guide how to install the sticker below.



PLEASE NOTE: Storage container only works with Mezmocoin Galactic!!! It will not work with other Mezmocoin versions- Phantom, Classic, and Nano.

We have designed a unique Stainless Steel container to store all those small items that sometimes can create a mess on your desk. Super easy to use- Mezmocoin Galactic serves as a beautiful lid, simply remove it and access the items inside. At the same time, it complements and enhances the design of the coin by elevating it and presenting it on a stunning stainless steel body.

If you have any other questions please send us an email to: